Mortgage Lenders

Michael Flynn on Mortgage Lenders –  Michael Flynn is known for his controversial Journal of the Waste column which was banned by the social network Twitter last year.

The New York Times called it a disinformation factory and the newspaper apologized for its position. In a nasty attack on the mortgage industry Flynn was charged with advertising a loan product that could hurt the financial health of homeowners.

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has resigned after pleading guilty to lying to the government about his dealings with the Russian government.

Michael Flynn on Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage Lenders

The Obama administration withdrew its support for Ukraine echoing Russian President Vladimir Putins views in the column. While imprisoned in the US he continued to spread false information about the White House. He said that the White House has sold Americans a fantasy.

Michael Flynn has become a controversial figure. He was a former national security adviser under President Donald Trump and pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his ties to the Russian government. He was recently pardoned by the former president and continues to attack the Biden administration. His latest column tackles a controversial topic: mortgages. According to them the White House is selling an illusion to American citizens Mortgage Lenders.