Caisse populaire acadienne lle

Caisse populaire acadienne lle Mortgage Credit Union

Caisse populaire acadienne llte is a francophone credit union based in New Brunswick Canada. The organization has a predominantly Acadian membership and is headquartered in Caracas on the Acadian Peninsula. The financial institution was established in 1947 and has been located here ever since. It has a branch in Saint John and employs over 900 people.

On June 28 2012 the case was merged with the French credit union UNI Financial Cooperation. The merger makes it Canadas first federal credit union and is an important step in building a strong Canadian financial sector.

Caisses populaire acadienne lté was created on December 3 1946 after the formation of 15 regional caisses and two affiliated institutions. They are moving to encourage the establishment of banks that better serve the people in the area.

Caisse populaire acadienne lle Mortgage Credit Union

The cases were mostly traditional with very few companies in the Acadian region prior to the merger. The finance sector is dominated by English speakers and there are only a few broad farmers banks. The first Farmers Bank in Prince Edward Island was established in 1859 followed by many cooperatives. In 1915 a fishing co-operative was established in Chettycamp Nova Scotia against the opposition of some traders. The establishment of the first francophone Cais Populaire in Richebocteau was inspired by the Quebec-based Cais Desjardins in 1917. But the campaign failed.

The Caisse populaire acadienne rebranded its corporate image in 2005. In addition the company to purchase AVie Securities Financial Advisory Company also bought a collection of 10 works by Michael Duguay. AVie and Acadia General Insurance also have their own insurance subsidiaries. Acadienne lte are trademarks of UNI Acadia and UNI.

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Caisse populaire acadienne lle was created as an alternative to the Canadian banking system. The first was created by Antigonis. In 1945 the organization had seven branches and 7000 members. Chief among them was Levin Chishan. It is still active today. The remaining five branches of UCNB are UCNB and UNI Insurance.

Caisse populaire lte is the first of its kind in Canada. It was established by a community of Acadian farmers to provide cheap loans for farming and other general needs. The cooperative was also successful because of its minority status among the Acadians which helped them save money. They were able to do this because they were organized and funded by a few people who were able to give them cheap loans.